10 second survey


Can we use Angular/React/Ember/Vue with the Total.js framework?

Total.js framework is a server-side Node.js framework, and it can handle many types of static files. So yes, you can use anything on the client-side.

Can we use UI components with Java/.NET/Python/PHP?

Of course, our client-side library and its components will work with any server-side technology/framework.

Can we use Flow with React/Angular/Ember/Vue?

No. If you want to provide Flow in your React/Angular/Ember/Vue app, then you need to use iFrame HTML element.

Can we use Total.js platform commercial usage?

Of course, the entire Total.js Platform - server-side framework, client-side library UI components, all Total.js open-source apps are under MIT license. Read more in License section.

Is the Total.js Platform one-man show?

No. We are a regular company - Total Avengers with few developers and a good community.