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Total.js FlowStream

Total.js FlowStream is a unique architecture that provides data transformation between connected FlowStream components. Each FlowStream is running in an independent Worker-Thread and contains its components stored directly in the FlowStream. The FlowStream can be packaged into the FlowStream component that you can reuse in another FlowStream.

How it works?

Each FlowStream works as an independent Worker-Thread, and it includes design, its components, and variables. The FlowStream can be packaged into a separate FlowStream component that can be used in another FlowStream.

Workbench for FlowStream
  • Open-Source (MIT)
  • Worker-Threads
  • Integrator for Total.js Message Service
  • Real-time creation of components
  • Fully customizable
  • Low hardware requirements
  • No dependencies
  • Dark/Light mode
  • Bundling FlowStream to components
  • Real-time traffic indicator
Total.js Flow

Component's editor

Now you can create and modify FlowStream components in real-time. Also, you can modify all imported FlowStream components too.

Component's editor


By default each FlowStream is running as independent Worker-Thread (outside of main thread). Each worker-thread takes around 5-8 MB RAM.

FlowStream runs Worker-Thread

Total.js Message Service

Total.js FlowStream can be used as the integrator for Total.js Message Service (PUB/SUB architecture). So you can easily integrate multiple Total.js Apps together via TMS.

Total.js Message Service

Bundling Flows to components

This is amazing feature because you can pack the entire FlowStream (with its design, components and variables) into the FlowStream component. The component can be used unlimited times in another FlowStream.

Bundling FlowStreams to FlowStream components

Real-time traffic indicator

With the real-time traffic indicator, you can watch the real-time data on the INPUT and OUTPUT of the component.

Real-time traffic indicator

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