Portal OpenPlatform (IAM)

OpenPlatform is a stylish and straightforward Web OS platform / IAM / Portal for running, integrating, and managing multiple 3rd party web applications. OpenPlatform provides running applications with a set of services, such as user and security management or notifications, so that programmers can focus on business logic. OpenPlatform is an enterprise-ready solution.

Release once, run for years. The Total.js OpenPlatform will work for several years.

Small, smart and powerful

With its unique system for integrating and running apps, OpenPlatform makes business sense.

Easy to maintain

Essentially, it doesn't need periodic maintenance because it's a container for 3rd party apps.


Extend it easily by creating apps, and with a plugin mechanism you can easily change the main functionality.

All about apps

OpenPlatform without apps is like Android/iOS without apps. The power of OpenPlatform lies in its apps.

Enterprise ready

OpenPlatform is deployed in many cases like the intranet, customer portals, ERP, etc..


It's fully open-source under the MIT license. You can do anything with the source code without restrictions.

  • It's a portal/container for 3rd party apps
  • Supports user groups and permissions
  • Supports notifications, and sounds
  • Supports color themes
  • Open-Source (MIT)

How does it work?

OpenPlatform has an innovative architecture for running 3rd party applications. It contains links only to applications, and these links are run in HTML <iframes> secured by one-time generated access tokens.

Technology independent

You can write each application in your favorite server-side (PHP, .NET, Java, RoR, etc.) and client-side (Vue, React, Angular) technology because the OpenPlatform remembers only links to these 3rd party applications. Each application will receive a user profile, permissions and other metadata.

Technology independent

Focusing on apps

Total.js OpenPlatform is designed specifically for 3rd party apps. Its main objective is to enhance the OpenPlatform functionality. By leveraging Total.js OpenPlatform capabilities, developers can create powerful and feature-rich applications that seamlessly integrate with the OpenPlatform ecosystem.

Stable and proven

Total.js OpenPlatform is a highly stable and proven platform designed for long-term reliability. Our company has run several OpenPlatform instances for more than 4 years. We only focus on app maintenance for our customers. It is easy to maintain a small OpenPlatform source code over the years.

Premium content

We offer the Total.js Enterprise service that allows you to download premium content for the Total.js Platform.

Where can be OpenPlatform used?

As a result of its superior usability, Total.js OpenPlatform is suitable for many scenarios.

  • Intranet system
  • IoT management and dashboard
  • E-commerce management
  • Portal for customers
  • Admin interface
 We have worked on many apps

We have worked on many OpenPlatform apps. Below you will find a list of items we have worked on. Please contact us if you are interested in some apps.

  • Mail app
  • Files app
  • Calendar app
  • To-Do app
  • Calculator app
  • Notes app
  • Dictionary app
  • Archive (spread sheets) app
  • Messenger app
  • FileShare app
  • TaskManager app
  • Wiki app
  • Keychain app
  • HelpDesk app
  • Contacts app
  • Web browser app
Total.js OpenPlatform
Total.js OpenPlatform
Total.js OpenPlatform
Total.js OpenPlatform
Total.js OpenPlatform
Total.js OpenPlatform

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