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Total.js Platform

Total.js Platform is a collection of libraries, packages, UI components, practices and complete products written in JavaScript. The basis of the platform is a server-side framework called Total.js framework and client-side library called jComponent.

Total.js Platform

Hello, we're Total Avengers company, and we are the primary maintainer of the Total.js Platform. The platform was written from scratch in 2013 without any dependencies. Our work is our hobby; enjoy the platform.

Total Avengers

Total.js Platform
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 Our server-side framework Total.js supports real-time merging, mapping and minifying of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files. You won't be limited, you can use any database like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Redis, etc., or you can use most of the NPM dependencies besides.

 You don't need to use server-side and client-side framework together, it's optional. Our server-side framework will work with most client-side frameworks, and our client-side library will work with most server-side technologies.

What can I create with the help of the Total.js Platform?

  • Web apps
  • Hybrid mobile apps
  • REST services
  • E-commerce
  • Real-time apps
  • Intranet apps
  • Apps for IoT
  • Progressive web apps
 In most cases, you don't need to use any dependencies with the Total.js Platform because it contains everything that you need for web development.

Our company Total Avengers has created more than 200 Total.js apps. We use the platform every day, and we love it. Join to Total.js Platform and use it for your cases.

Explore Total.js Platform and its Node.js applications.
It's a stable platform for creative developers.

Total.js OpenPlatform
Total.js Code Editor
OpenPlatform applications
DataGrid in OpenPlatform
Charts in SuperAdmin
Total.js Flow
Total.js OpenPlatform

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