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Total.js Platform

Total.js Platform is a collection of libraries, packages, UI components, practices and complete products written in JavaScript. The basis of the platform is a server-side framework called Total.js framework and client-side library called jComponent. Total.js framework was written in 2013 and jComponent library was written in 2014. Both parts were written from scratch.

Totally great JavaScript apps

Total.js Platform helps you to create great apps written in pure JavaScript.
We provide more than 100 live projects.

  • Web applications
  • REST Services
  • Intranet applications
  • Real-time applications
  • E-commerce
  • Internet of Things / IoT
 In most cases you don't need to use any dependencies with the Total.js Platform, because it contains everything what you need for development.

Latest news from Total.js Platform

Explore Total.js Platform and its Node.js applications.
A stable platform for creative developers.

Total.js OpenPlatform
Total.js Code Editor
OpenPlatform applications
DataGrid in OpenPlatform
Charts in SuperAdmin
Total.js Flow
Total.js OpenPlatform


  • Created personal GitHub account
  • Created first version of Total.js framework
  • Created first version of PayPal Express Checkout
  • Created Total.js modules
  • Created NoSQL embedded database
  • Created Node.js SQL agent module
  • Created client-side jComponent library
  • Created client-side Tangular library
  • Created Node.js FileStorage module
  • Created online service Total.js Monitoring
  • New features and better stability
  • Created first version of Total.js Eshop
  • Created jRouting library
  • Improved jComponent library
  • Total.js framework supports WebSocket
  • Created online service Total.js Designer
  • Total.js 2.0
  • Improved NoSQL embedded database
  • Created
  • Created Total.js SuperAdmin
  • Created Total.js CMS
  • Created Total.js Dashboard
  • Created Total.js HelpDesk
  • Created Total.js OpenPlatform
  • Created Total.js BlogEngine
  • Create online service NoSQL embedded viewer
  • Improved stability of all products
  • I have created more than 100 small projects in Total.js framework
  • Premium membership
  • Created Premium Total.js SuperAdmin
  • Created Premium Total.js Messenger
  • Created Premium Total.js Eshop
  • Created Premium Total.js CMS
  • Created Total.js Messenger
  • Created Total.js Flow
  • Created Total.js Flowboard
  • Created Total.js Wiki
  • Created a lot of UI jComponents
  • Improved
  • Total.js platform groups all Total.js products and modules
  • More than 800 000 installation
  • More than 10 000 registered members
  • Martin Smola is the new member of our team
  • New version of Total.js v3
  • New version of jComponent v16 and v17
  • Total.js Marketplace
  • Total.js Flow v5
  • Total.js Dashboard v6
  • OpenPlatform v3
  • New product: Total.js Code Editor
  • Updated Total.js CMS
  • Updated NoSQL embedded viewer
  • Created a lot of UI jComponents
  • New team members: Tomas Novak
  • Registered company: Total Avengers
  • New version of jComponent v18
  • Improved stability of Total.js
  • Total.js Flow v6
  • Total.js Dashboard v6
  • OpenPlatform v4
  • Improved Total.js Code Editor
  • Created a lot of new UI jComponents
  • Improved stability of Total.js
  • A lot of new OpenPlatform apps (Messenger, Files, Mail, etc.)