Get started

The easiest way to get started with the Total.js Platform is to download our prepared projects on the page below. Join our platform for free and use our Real-time chat to solve your problems. It's not rocket science.

Start with documentation
Read Total.js documentation and try to understand the philosophy of the platform. The expected learning curve is two months for skilled developers.

Learn from examples
Learn from prepared Total.js examples on GitHub. This way is the best way to understand the functionality of the Total.js framework.

Learn from modules
Learning from existing Total.js modules is an excellent way to start too. First of all, read a readme in each module carefully.

Download UI components
Do you want to download free and open-source JavaScript UI components for your applications? We prepared tens of UI components.

Start with Total.js Cloud
Start to develop with Total.js Platform in Total.js Cloud quickly. We offer you complete developer tools for creating rich web applications.