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Web application framework for node.js
Modern framework
Friendly URL, REST methods, JavaScript minifier, XSS protected, resources and supports MVC architecture.
Modular framework
Download modules from the GitHub or create own. You can install any node.js module from the Node Package Manager.
Extensible framework
You can extend the framework by yourself. You can rewrite existing functionality and replace it according to your needs.
RESTful routing
Define a different actions to one url and distribute by e.g. HTTP methods. The framework contains very good routing.
Beautiful templating
The framework has unique templating engine. It's beautiful, simple and powerful. Templates are a strong weapon for the web development.
Create real-time applications
The framework supports WebSocket (RFC 6455) and Server-Sent events. You can create real-time applications or multiplayer games.
Easy to use
The framework has an easy learning curve. You will learn to create web applications for a very short time.
Run everywhere
Install once and run anywhere - Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows or SunOS. You don't need other applications for your website.
Ready to enterprise
The framework has a good architecture for big applications and on the one project can work more developers.
Perfect security
The framework supports good security elements. Automatically encodes received data and checks incoming requests.
The framework automatically compresses responses via GZIP and compresses JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You don't need other tools (e.g. Grunt).
Friendly license
The framework is licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use in commercial applications.

The Web framework for node.js

Total.js is the free web application framework for node.js and contains all modern features for creating rich web applications. Its core contains own web server for serving static and dynamic content. It supports streaming, uploading, image resizing, automatic content compression and many more. The framework is fast and flexible.

The framework does not contain any dependencies.

Fully compatible with all client-side frameworks


YUI Library
Font Awesome
E-commerce (MongoDB + GridFS)
Real-time localization (WebSocket)
Real-time chat (WebSocket)
The internet clipboard (CouchDB)