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Real business apps are not just simple to-do lists. They are complex and need many stable features. We made a great framework to build your business.

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Latest version: v1.9.3
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One framework, many features

The framework was written from the scratch before 3 years ago. We optimized the framework for the stability and developer's needs with best documentation ever.

All-in framework

Modern framework with everything that you need for web development. The framework is fast, small and scalable.


Choose your favourite database, your client-side libraries or rewrite existing functionality of the framework. Use whatever you prefer.


Create your own framework modules or packages. Extend or rewrite existing functionality according to you.


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The node.js framework for all web developers with everything what you need:

  • Websockets
  • Isomorphic code
  • Generators
  • Great view engine
  • Supports middleware
  • Packages and modules
  • Localization
  • Mailer
  • Supports model with schemas
  • Unit testing
  • Restrictions / Redirections
  • Image processing
  • Remote installation
  • A lot of utilities
  • Best documentation ever

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