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Node.js framework

Real business apps are not just simple to-do lists. They are complex and need many stable features. We made a great framework to build your business.

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FAQ about the framework

Can I use different NPM modules in the framework?
Yes, you can use just any module from NPM. The framework doesn't limit you in development of web applications.
Does the framework limit me on client-side?
No, total.js is only server-side (backend) framework and you can use anything on client-side like jQuery, Angular, Embed, React, Backbone, etc..
Which database can I use in the framework?
The framework doesn't limit you, you can use any type of database like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, CouchDB, etc..
What are the benefits of the framework?
The framework contains full web server, view engine, SMTP mail sender, localization, image processing, websockets, isomorphic code and a lot of utilities.
Can I rewrite e.g. view engine?
Yes, you can rewrite each functionality of the framework, it's very easy and flexible. Use your favorite view engine, SMTP sender, JavaScript compressor, etc..
Does the framework contain some examples?
The framework contains +100 examples with full source-code on GitHub. Play with them. Download examples.

More tools from Peter Širka:

$ npm install total.js|

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  • Websockets
  • Isomorphic code
  • Generators
  • Great view engine
  • Supports middleware
  • Packages / modules
  • Localization
  • Mailer (SMTP)
  • Models
  • Unit testing
  • Restrictions / Redirections
  • Image processing
  • Remote installation
  • A lot of utilities
  • AppMonitor
  • Documentation

Framework sponsors

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Some applications built on total.js:

Installation instructions + simple tutorial