IT event CodeCon

Total.js Platform is a proud founder and general partner of Slovakia's largest IT event, CodeCon. The primary concept of the IT event is to foster a collaborative environment among developers. 

Worldwide partners

Total.js, Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, Accenture or Kiwi.

Since 2014

IT conference CodeCon, was started in 2014.

Total.js + CodeCon

The IT event CodeCon is part of the Total.js community.

From developers to developers

This event is dedicated to those who breathe life into lines of code, architects of the digital world, and visionaries shaping the future of technology. It's more than just a conference, it's a community-driven experience that prioritizes the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and emerging trends in software development.

Very popular IT event

The IT event CodeCon is the most well-known and largest information technology event in Slovakia, and it was established in 2014.

+1000 visitors every year

More than 1000 IT-skilled professionals visit CodeCon every year in Bratislava. For more information, visit the CodeCon website.

Technical topics

Development, AI, IoT, databases, integration, apps, startups, solutions, games and many more.

Central europe

CodeCon is located in Bratislava city (SK), close to Vienna (AU), Budapest (HU), and Brno (CZ).

Would you like to meet the Total.js team?  Visit CodeCon.