Total.js Apps

We have created useful Node.js / Total.js apps for everyone. Total.js ecosystem gives you everything you need to make your new Total.js apps faster than never before. All our products and services use the Total.js framework and client-side UI library for creating reusable Web Components and SPA.

 Did you know? You can customize  all apps, tools, and parts according to your needs. All content is prepared for various customizations.


Our core gives you a great basis for creating web apps, REST APIs or various services. If you want to start with low-code, this section is targeted for you.

Tools for developers

The apps below are our open-source tools, targeted at developers for additional customization. We offer a lot of various tools, like a Visual Programming Interface, a user-interface builder, and an enterprise-ready portal.

Extensions for integration

This section contains a list of apps for additional integrations. The below apps can help you solve problems with, e.g., storing uploaded files, sending emails, etc.

App templates

We prepared unique app templates for everyone. The app templates below offer unique functionality for handling various cases, like task management systems or an IoT platform for, e.g., smart cities.