OAuth 2.0 integrator

Total.js OpenAuth app is a lightweight OAuth 2.0 integrator app that can obtain a unified user profile from various services like Facebook, Google, Apple, etc..

  • A simple OAuth 2.0 integrator
  • Unified user profile
  • OAuth access token
  • NoSQL embedded database
Total.js OAuth 2.0 integrator

Total.js OpenAuth app

  • Simple REST API interface
  • Free and fully open-source (MIT)
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Available on Docker Hub
  • No dependencies
  • Data stored on the file system
  • Linux, Unix, Windows
  • Just download and run

Much cleaner code

OpenAuth keeps your source code in your apps much cleaner because you don't need to install various dependencies to obtain unified user profiles from 3rd party services like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc..

 Total.js Open Apps for various integrations

We have prepared several small integration apps that can help you store files, send emails, write logs, do real-time synchronization or integrate external OAuth 2.0 services like Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.. All apps are optimized for easy and quick usage in various cases.