Banner System

Total.js Banner System is a lightweight open source web app for managing banners and adverts for websites and portals. The app is a tiny web app with small source code and without dependencies. Just run, set up banners and create adverts.

  • Targeted for websites and portals
  • Without dependencies
  • Data stored on HDD
  • Open-source under MIT license
  • Good performance
  • Optimized for OpenPlatform
 We're using it too. The Total.js Banner System is part of our network. We use it for managing ads across our websites, web apps, and portals.

Banners for your network

Make various banner types to share across your network. You can define banner width/height and then add simple script on your website or portal.

Ads and banners under control

Everything is under your control. You can limit impressions, clicks or an expiration date for your ads. You will love the simplicity and power of it.

Without dependencies

Total.js Banner System is without dependencies and with small HW requirements only. The app doesn't use external databases, all data is stored on HDD.

Various customizations

Do you need to change the database or make it work in the cluster or something else? Our professional support services are available for everyone.