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Node.js PostgreSQL reporting

Total.js OpenReports is a lightweight app for generating reports/lists from a PostgreSQL database. The app can be easily integrated into the Total.js OpenPlatform.

  • PostgreSQL database
  • Supports multiple views
  • Supports browsing filtered data
  • Exporting to XLS/CSV
  • Supports dynamic filters
  • Optimized for the OpenPlatform

Total.js OpenReports app

  • Free and fully open-source (MIT)
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Available on Docker Hub
  • Easy templating with models
  • Linux, Unix, Windows
  • Just download and run

Create views

Views are generated from raw SQL commands with defined data types. Users can create report templates with filters and scalar operations using these data types.

Send emails

Make reports

A report can be generated by clicking on the report template. The app will display a data grid with all filtered and grouped data.

Multiple SMTP profiles

Export data to CSV

A data grid with filtered and grouped data can be copied to the clipboard or exported into CSV or Excel (XLSX) files.

Exports & Import