Template engine for printing

Total.js OpenTemplates is a lightweight template engine app that allows you to create multiple HTML templates with printing to HTML/PDF/DOCX. This app is an excellent tool for generating templates from various third-party apps.

  • Supports multiple profiles
  • Templating with data models
  • Exporting to PDF/DOCX
  • Exporting and importing profiles

Total.js OpenTemplates app

  • Simple REST API interface
  • Free and fully open-source (MIT)
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Available on Docker Hub
  • No dependencies
  • Easy templating with models
  • Linux, Unix, Windows
  • Just download and run

 Create templates

Create templates from your 3rd party apps as never before. Just make a profile and create HTML templates with data models. After that, you can generate documents via the REST API.

Multiple template profiles

Total.js OpenTemplates supports multiple profiles. You can choose from the REST API what profile you want to use to generate your templates.

 Export & Import

Export your current profile with all templates and import it to another OpenTemplates instance. Everyone will appreciate  this feature.

 Total.js Open Apps for various integrations

We have prepared several small integration apps that can help you store files, send emails, write logs, do real-time synchronization or integrate external OAuth 2.0 services like Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.. All apps are optimized for easy and quick usage in various cases.