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Download and use more than 290 reusable JavaScript UI components with no restrictions and under MIT license.

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Swift and perfectionist UI development

Free and open-source

Library and all components are under MIT license.

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All components are on our CDN powered by KeyCDN.

Best practices

We offer you more than seven years of experience with our UI components.


Supports easy and very helpful versioning of components.

Many features

Remarkable and powerful features for creating SPA or classic web apps.

Mobile devices

Fully optimized for mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets.

No dependencies

We don't use any dependencies which you must use.


Reusability is the most essential feature of our UI components.

Did you know?
All Total.js apps use these UI components. You don't need any external dependencies with Total.js Platform, and we offer you excellent UI components free. Our UI components are used in the whole world.

With the jComponent library is UI development much faster and simpler than never before. Do not believe? Click on the button below. Our page will include a component from our CDN dynamically.

Our technologies are just unique.

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