Node.js CMS

Get a simple, clean, beautiful, and design-driven Total.js Content Management System with a lot of impressive features. Total.js CMS helps you manage your commercial or personal websites. Total.js CMS is built on a file system database with no dependencies.

Node.js / Total.js CMS

Total.js CMS features

  • Free and fully open-source (MIT)
  • No dependencies
  • NoSQL embedded database
  • Easily extensible with plugins
  • Mobile friendly
  • Small and powerful
  • More than 30 universal widgets
  • Helpful features like generating text via ChatGPT
  • Easy templating
  • Simple and interactively changing content
  • SEO friendly
  • Premium content

Simple content editing

The website content can be easily edited according to the widget restrictions. There is little chance that the writer will break the design. The CMS editor allows the writer to insert new widgets in specific places, only defined by the layout author.

The content can be collected only from CMS widgets, which allow the writer to modify their rich content.

CMS content editing

Extensible with plugins

Total.js Plugins technology enables expansion of the Total.js CMS app. So if you need to extend CMS by adding, e.g., a small e-commerce system, you can do it by creating a new plugin. Our team is ready to help you with it.

CMS Plugins

Backup & Restore

Total.js CMS doesn't use an external database, and all content is stored in the Total.js FileStorage as files. This unique Total.js framework technique allows you to download the whole FileStorage as a single file and restore it in another CMS instance with all the data (metadata and static files).

CMS Backup & Restore

Premium content

We have prepared some really nice premium plugins that allow you to create Forms via Total.js UI Builder and process data in the Visual Programming Interface called Flow.

Total.js Enterprise
Total.js CMS launchpad