Total.js Services

For those who want to contribute differently, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you. Total.js has been around for several years and is a stable open-source solution. We aim to create and maintain a stable and helpful web platform for everyone worldwide. Right here at Total.js, we've made or helped create hundreds of projects, and our active community has over a thousand developers. Our platform is not a beautiful dream but a beautiful reality with people who trust and believe in it.

We would be grateful for the opportunity to help you with your project using our services. Your projects and the provision of our services will move Total.js forward. You will also get free components on your project that would take weeks/months to develop.

 Training / consulting

Total.js, combined with our training offer, allows you to tackle complex challenges in your project development. We offer you practice-oriented training with a lot of experience-oriented in web application development, REST services, and real-time applications.

 Framework customization

Total.js helps you save costs and deliver faster with customized frameworks, modules, and components developed by our experienced professionals. You benefit from flexible Flow or UI Builder components, an intranet portal with meaningful functionality, and many more.

 Create or modify existing icons

Our graphic designer is able to create various Total.js font icons for different cases.


Total.js offers experience and a team of world-class experts to solve your integration and development challenges. You can easily integrate Total.js with any IT system and develop your applications further to customize them to your specific needs.


You can also help us by ordering professional support and a certain amount of services to maintain the platform you use in a production environment. We provide several levels of support.

Expand Total.js Platform

Join us and help extend to other areas or improve the Total.js solution. Using it in projects is the best way to make our platform contain what is needed. There are many ways to use Toal.js. Either to create your final solution or to adapt tools like Flow, UI Builder, and CMS to your platform. By using the platform and sharing knowledge or finished components and integrations, you will help the community.