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Total.js App Solution (TAS)

We developed a novel application called Total.js App Solution (TAS). This app allows you to create app logic visually with integrated Total.js Flow + UI Builder + DB editor. It's suitable for creating intranet/ERP/CRM apps.

Total.js Enteprise

This app is part of the Total.js Enterprise service and available for paid customers.

All in one

The app contains multiple Total.js apps at once Flow, UI Builder and database editor.


This MIT-licensed app allows you to design apps with the help of Flow, UI Builder, and DB editor.


Integrated Total.js Flow allows you to process all incoming actions and run various workflows.

UI Builder

Create and change UI designs directly in the TAS. Directly connect UI designs in Total.js Flow.

Multiple instances

You can provide multiple TAS instances in the same database without restrictions.

Inspired by Lotus Notes

The main idea was to create the app UI + business logic without coding.

All in one

Total.js App Solution integrates Total.js Flow + UI Builder + DB editor. You can easily create a user interface with UI Builder and process all requests and data in Total.js Flow.

Integrable with OpenPlatform

TAS app is prepared for simple integration with the Total.js OpenPlatform. You can easily exchange security tokens and the app will works.