Total.js Todomator

Your totally ultimate task management solution for small teams or companies for daily usage. Make your work organized, with all your needs in one place.

Small and smart

It allows you to create, search, track, report, solve, comment and integrate it with 3rd party applications.

Time tracker

Todomator supports simple and powerful time tracking for billing and payouts.

Folders & Tags

Divide your customers and projects into folders and tag them with custom tags.


You can easily create tickets via the REST API or Total.js Flow.

Notes & Password

Keep notes and passwords for every project folder.

Open source

The Todomator app is open-source under the MIT license.

Todomator app

For small teams

The Todomator app is designed for small teams up to 30 members. Readability may be difficult with more members, but the app can handle more members.

Think differently. You can provide multiple instances for multiple teams. Todomator is fully open-source under the MIT license.

Markdown or rich content

Todomator supports the Markdown format for creating rich ticket content. Copy and paste users can easily paste rich content from emails or Word documents with the help of a premium plugin called "Extensions".

 In the Todomator app you can store "project" notes that aren't tasks.

Simple user interface

Designed for daily use, the app has a very simple user interface. The ticket list contains the most relevant fields for solving tickets. Your team never forgets incomplete tasks.

 Only the owner or specific users can access a ticket.

Simple user interface


The app supports an open REST API, so you can easily integrate Todomator with your 3rd party apps. Automatically create tickets from mail messages or website contact forms using REST APIs.

Todomator Open REST API


Depending on your needs, you can easily customize the source code. You can change colors, design or extend functionality. The basic version is enough for everyone, but everything depends on you.


Free for everyone

Todomator is absolutely free for everyone, and also for commercial use. Its source code is fully open-source under the MIT license. Download and use it unlimited times.

MIT license

Premium plugins

We offer the Total.js Enterprise service that allows you to download premium plugins for Total.js Todomator. Total.js Enterprise allows you to modify them to meet your needs.


With this extension, you can set reminders for tasks. You can set a reminders for yourself or all ticket members.


 Useful reports

The plugin offers daily and monthly stats. You can easily bill your customers and track team members.


 User workload

With the workload plugin you can easily reassign tasks to other users or track user load. It's a great tool for planning.

User workload


With this plugin, Todomator's app is extended with new and powerful features.


 Flow connector

You can easily connect Todomator with Total.js Flow and a TAPI Flow component.


 24-hour consulting services

Our experts can assist you with customisation and problem-solving.