Flow Visual Programming Interface

It's a friendly, modern, straightforward Visual Programming Interface for Low-code Development accessible through a web browser. The tool integrates, processes, and transforms various events and data in real time.

  • Low hardware requirements
  • Dark/Light mode
  • Real-time traffic indicator
  • Open-Source (MIT)
  • Nice and modern UI
  • Export/Import

 Total.js Flow is a powerful tool for artificial intelligence AI

Our open-source visual programming interface can be used for learning models and using existing models on various AI platforms. Create your own artificial intelligence components and logically connect them.


It's a nice, modern, clear visual programming interface accessible through a web browser. The tool integrates, processes, and transforms various events and data in real-time. It offers more than 90 predefined open-source components with which you can create complex integrations and transformations. Moreover, it works without third-party dependencies with low hardware requirements.

What is it?

Total.js Flow is part of the Total.js Platform and is a direct alternative to Node-red. This fantastic visual programming interface is primarily intended for IoT and web/REST apps. Using drag and drop tools, you can quickly and reliably create a variety of workflows. You can connect various hardware devices (e.g., Arduino), application interfaces (APIs), and online services simply. Graphical manipulation of programming elements takes care of all the backend infrastructure so that you can focus on the primary business logic.

Visual Programming Interface for REST API

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What is it used for, and what is it for?

Total.js Flow is an application consisting of independent components connected to each other. Graphical manipulation of programming elements, rather than specifying them textually, allows users to manipulate command flows in an interactive manner. You can find all our components and source codes on Github.

  • Suitable for data processing
  • Automation
  • Data transformation
  • Suitable for services or workflows
  • Suitable for small REST APIs
  • Suitable for smaller integrations
  • Option to use as a configuration tool
  • Option to use as a rule engine
  • Monitoring + alarms
  • Sending notifications
 Other possibilities: Intelligent energy, smart agriculture, fleet tracking, smart metering, environmental monitoring, home automation, smart city, smart office, water metering, smart retail, marketing, e-commerce, etc..

Top free components

  • Trigger
  • Request
  • ChatGPT
  • Delay
  • Duration
  • SMS sender
  • Timer
  • File writer
  • Stopwatch
  • Influx DB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Print data
  • Data schemas
  • Data downloader
  • REST Route
  • Email sender
  • Throttle
  • File watcher
  • Counter
  • Cheerio
  • MongoDB
  • CPU/Memory monitoring

Top premium components

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Component's editor

You can create and modify Total.js Flow components in real-time directly in the Flow. Also, Total.js Flow allows you to edit imported component as well.

 Freedom for creative people

You don't need special tools for creating or updating Total.js Flow components. Components can be designed directly in the Flow in your web browser.


By default each Total.js Flow is running as independent Child Process/Worker-Thread (outside of main thread). Each worker-thread takes around 5-15 MB RAM.

 Incredible performance

In Total.js Flow, you can create an unlimited count of FlowStreams. Every FlowStream is running under its own thread, separated from others. So the performance doesn't depend on others.

Total.js Message Service

Total.js Flow can be used as an integrator for Total.js Message Service (PUB/SUB/RPC architecture). You can easily integrate multiple Total.js Apps together directly in the Total.js Flow.

Bundling Flows to components

This is amazing feature because you can pack the entire FlowStream (with its design, components and variables) into the component. The component can be used unlimited times in other FlowStreams.

 Real-time traffic indicator

With the real-time traffic indicator, you can watch the real-time data on the INPUT and OUTPUT of the component.

Creativity has no limits

You can implement everything as Total.js Flow components. Here, creativity doesn't have any limits and you can do everything.

 No limits

As you can see, we have implemented Terminal directly into the FlowStream. Total.js Flow doesn't have any limits for your ideas, build what you need like IP camera outputs, maps or other gadgets.