Whether you're looking to develop new REST APIs or integrate with existing ones, LessCode offers a streamlined, user-friendly platform designed to simplify your development process.

Node.js / Total.js CMS

Total.js LessCode features

  • Only 4 kB of core source code
  • Targeted for creating REST API services
  • Fully customizable
  • Multiplatform MacOS, Linux, Unix, and Windows
  • Easy deployment
  • Versioning

Much simpler development

The LessCode app drops half of the standard work, e.g., defining routes and workflows. Developers can only process data, perform database operations, or perform data transformation. They can use a lot of existing Flow components, like the counter, timer, etc.

Easy extensible

The LessCode app can be easily enhanced by adding JavaScript code scripts directly to the app. So, the team leader can prepare the core of the app according to the project requirements, and developers can target the API logic.

Easy deployment and scalability

The visual schema is stored as plain text in the JSON format. So, it can be easily stored in Git for tracking changes. Deployment is super easy because the API functionality depends on the visual schema. The visual schema contains component declarations (versioning), routing, data processing scripts, and other stuff. If you copy the schema to the cluster, it will work like you designed.

Premium content

We offer a LessCode app management plugin that allows you to manage multiple LessCode apps together. You can divide LessCode apps according to the environment or restrict access for developers. This plugin is prepared for various customizations.

LessCode app management