Total.js Pluginable

Total.js Pluginable App is an application template for creating an extensible app via Total.js Plugins. The same template uses Total.js CMS.

Node.js / Total.js CMS

Total.js Pluginable

  • Free and fully open-source (MIT)
  • Extensible with the help of Total.js Plugins
  • Powered by Total.js v5
  • Supported two versions: PostgreSQL and Embedded
  • Supports Total.js OpenPlatform integration
  • Fully customizable

Embedded or PostgreSQL

Choose what is better for your project. We offer two kinds of source codes: embedded and PostgreSQL versions. Plugins can't be mixed due to the storage engine. 

 Total.js CMS uses an embedded version.

Extensible via plugins

The Pluginable app can be extended via plugins. We prepared only example plugins to understand the concept.

We offer several plugins in the Total.js Engerprise service.

OpenPlatform and Permissions

The app can be easily integrated with the OpenPlatform. Every plugin can contain its own permissions, which can be assigned to the user groups in the OpenPlatform. Permission implementation is very easy and clear.

Total.js OpenPlatform

Premium content

We offer a few plugins for the Pluginable app in our Total.js Enterprise partner service. Become our partner.

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