Code remotely

Try our best practices with the new Code Editor as a web application to develop Total.js applications. Get more time for yourself and simplify your web development as never before. Code Editor must run on your server directly where you provide web applications. You can provide Code Editor, for example, on your Raspberry Pi.

Total.js Code Editor features

  • App runner provided by Docker
  • No dependencies
  • Based on projects
  • Multiple cursors as in Sublime Text
  • Dark & Light mode
  • Electron version
  • Optimized only for Linux servers
  • Internal chat between developers
  • Fully Open-Source (MIT)
  • Code Review provided by us
  • We don't collect any data
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Backups & Restoring of changes from backups
  • Supports saving files locally
  • A lot of great features
  • Templates
  • Branches
  • Full-Text Search
  • Works in Chrome and Firefox
  • Real-time chat with us
Do you know this? We used the Total.js Code Editor to write all of our Total.js applications.

 More productivity

The Total.js Code has been optimized to be as productive as possible. There are a lot of things that we have prepared for you that can assist you develop much more quickly and with higher quality.

  • Supports apps with the docker-compose.yaml
  • Downloading of UI components
  • Chat support with contributors