Total.js Cloud

Total.js cloud services offer rapid Cloud Development. Developers can code fast and scalable web apps directly in a web browser without installing a specific environment.

Up to 5 apps only for 5.80 EUR / month

Includes Total.js Code Editor for Cloud Development.

Total.js Cloud Services

On every continent

We have servers on every continent. Just choose a location.

Cloud development

Great environment with Total.js Code Editor, start to develop.


Each container contains a pre-installed instance of SuperAdmin.

Linux servers

Our cloud services are running under Linux servers.


We have prepared containers with a PostgreSQL database for your apps.

Good price

We offer you an unbeatable price with zero cost for maintenance.

Code review

We offer a code review directly from Total.js Code Editor.


You can enable cluster mode or Total.js Threads for the specific app.

Good support

Our team of professionals is ready to help you with development.

Rapid Cloud Development

We have prepared Total.js Code Editor, which can help you develop Total.js applications directly on Total.js Cloud. Cloud supports excellent features like backups, PostgreSQL DB, and releasing management for apps.