Total.js AppBuilder

You can create a Total.js server-side application with the help of Total.js AppBuilder. It's effortless and very comfortable. A significant advantage is a design architecture overview and reusing the design or its parts between different projects. The output from Total.js AppBuilder is the so-called "build", which can process Total.js 4.

 Total.js AppBuilder is something that you will love.


  • Creating Total.js apps visually
  • Supports minifying and obfuscating
  • Works without a special environment
  • Export & Import parts
  • Auto-suggestion tool
  • Supports Drag & Drop builds
  • Easy deployment created builds
  • Supports light or dark mode
  • It's part of Total.js Code Editor and SuperAdmin
  • Predefined code snippets
  • Visual connections between parts
  • Not optimized for mobile devices yet
 Did you know? Total.js application can contain several "builds" created with the help of Total.js AppBuilder. Total.js framework will evaluate all builds together.


  • Configuration
  • Schemas with operations
  • WebSocket routes
  • Custom dynamic routes
  • Tasks
  • Middleware
  • Definitions
  • Timer
  • Resources
  • File routes
  • Total.js Modules / NPM modules
  • Cloud based builds

 Not implemented yet

  • Workers
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Views