Open-source JavaScript libraries and apps

Total.js Platform is a collection of server-side & client-side JavaScript/Node.js libraries, Web Components, Icons, practices, and Complete Node.js apps written in pure JavaScript, mostly without dependencies. Free and open-source.

Total.js Flow - Visual Programming Interface
UI Builder
Total.js OpenPlatform
Total.js Code Editor
Total.js UI Components

Total.js is fully integrated with most server-side and client-side technologies

The Total.js Platform, apps and components are licensed under the MIT license.

Total.js Platform is well-prepared for integration, offering seamless integration with databases, third-party APIs, and frontend technologies. The Total.js Platform is designed for reusability and long-term use.

Node.js / JavaScript

Total.js Platform includes smart libraries with tons of UI components and modules.

Visual Programming Interface

Automate your workflows, integrate your services, process real-time data, and much more.

UI Builder

Create UI designs for various cases such as web apps, dashboards, mobile apps, HMI panels, etc.

Enterprise portal (IAM)

Web OS platform / IAM / Portal for running, integrating, and managing multiple 3rd party web apps.

Small and smart CMS

Content Management System with many impressive features and an advanced widget mechanism.

Rich open-source content

Explore all open-source Total.js Platform content for your products and business cases.

Total.js Enterprise


The main parts of the Total.js Platform are fully open-source under MIT license. Visit our GitHub profile.

Cloud development

Try Total.js Cloud with Total.js Cloud development. Up to 5 Total.js apps only for 8 € / month.

Online services

We offer excellent online services like UI Builder or Total.js AppMonitor. Sign-in to the Platform.

Free Node.js apps

Download complete Total.js apps for free and use them for your customers or pet projects.

No dependencies

It's unbelievable, but Total.js core parts don't contain any 3rd party dependencies.

Excellent support

We offer excellent support with Code review or with online chat support, join our community.

IT conference CodeCon

Total.js Platform is a proud general partner of the IT conference CodeCon. The IT event is the biggest IT conference in Slovakia.

Node.js Platform

Download the open-source Total.js and Node.js app templates and use them for your cases or customers without any restrictions.

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